Maple Bay Painters
A community of Cowichan Valley visual artists
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"Growing up in Lachine, Quebec, along the St. Lawrence River, I spent my childhood as the last of five children, in almost complete freedom and joy. I believe these carefree days allowed me to develop an imagination that has carried me through life. I had parents that allowed messes and experiments. I grew up on stories told by my grandmother of her childhood in the prairies and found myself overwhelmed by the beauty of these lands when I saw my first wheat field. My heart is tied forever to little houses, strong women and their daily tasks and the sheer vitality of children. I am grateful that I can capture some of these feelings in my images. I am untrained but not, I think, unskilled. I hope that my work can lift the spirits of those who see them.

For more information, see more of Laurel's art on her website at: or email her at: laurelhibbert