Maple Bay Painters
A community of Cowichan Valley visual artists
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Lindsay’s love of painting and the arts stems from her teenage years when she attended East Ham Technical College in London, England, completing a Foundation Course in Fine Arts. Since then, she has attended many workshops developing her skills in her two favourite mediums--acrylic and watercolour and, more recently, oils. She has exhibited paintings in various local art galleries and shows.

Lindsay’s great grandfather was a well-known British marine watercolourist named Frederick James Aldridge. Born in 1850, he drew inspiration for his paintings from his travel to Egypt, Venice and the Netherlands and, of course, England. His paintings were hung in the Royal Academy in London, and Lindsay even discovered one at Craigdarroch Castle in Victoria, BC.

Today, in addition to being a Maple Bay Painter, Lindsay is an active member of the Victoria Urban Sketchers, drawing inspiration for her art from photographs, travels and serene surroundings. She continues to find joy, solace and peace in creating her artwork.

You can contact Lindsay at: lindsburton51 and follow her on Instagram at: #linsburton