Maple Bay Painters
A community of Cowichan Valley visual artists
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Sue lives in Maple Bay and paints in oil, acrylic, pastel and watercolour. Her work is displayed in local art shows and galleries. In her words:

I love to paint! From a young age drawing and painting have always been an outlet for my creative ambitions, and I spent many a summer holiday capturing the beauty of a flower or the dream of a pony. In my teen years I discovered fascinating pop art, imaginative design and psychedelic patterns. Fabrics led me to sewing, music and poetry led me to calligraphy, but I always returned to my brushes and paints.

Inspiration comes from the beauty that surrounds me. Fortunate to travel, my outlook has broadened, and the fascination of different people, landscapes and coastlines have become the foundation for many of my paintings.

If you’d like to earn more about Sue’s art, you can email her at: sue.q01