Maple Bay Painters
A community of Cowichan Valley visual artists
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Wanda Fraser lives in Chemainus. She's a member of both Maple Bay Painters and the Cowichan Valley Arts Council.

"I was born and raised on the prairies and loved to paint and draw. My family had limited resources so I learned to indulge in my love of colours with a limited palette, mixing my paints to make the colours I desired. I still enjoy doing this, using only two to four key colours and then balancing this simple palette with a complexity of subject detail; creating a beautiful contrast in the final piece.

I am a recent arrival to Vancouver Island and have fallen in love! I find so much inspiration here. It’s people; wildlife and diversity of landscapes are like nowhere else in the world. As an artist I feel I’ve come home."

If you would like to contact Wanda and see more of her art, visit her website at: or at Artwork Archive. You may also email her directly at